Sunday, January 3, 2010


I finished the rewrite of Sapphire's Egypt, Book One, The Predestined Path, on Novermber 24!!!! YAAAAAAAAY! It has been such a long journey but very rewarding. Now I'm shopping for agents. One bit, but I lost it, did some reworking of the beginning and now...I'm being lazy! I have the excuse that the holidays and my sister visiting from Hawaii has been a distraction, but in reality...I'm being lazy! What is my issue? I swear, publication could be just a few query letters away and I'm choosing not to make it a priority! So...I think I'm going to take a nap...or eat something...or clean my room. No, not clean my room, I've been avoiding that for months...

Even though I have finished book one, I have 5 books to edit and rewrite and three books to write until I'm really done...but I can't think about that, it's overwhelming!

I will keep on heading toward my goals! Just wait, New York Times bestseller list here I come!!!

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