Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My life is a whirlwind

It's been a loooong time, I know. Bad Malia, not keeping up with your blog!

So let's get down to it:

I got laid off from my sucky job and replaced it with a fun one for less money, but it's 5 minutes from my house, and because it's less hours and not a 8-5, Mon.-Fri. work schedule, I've been able to sleep in, meet lots of cool people, and be an extra in the Untitled Crowley Project that's filming in Portland. I'm surrounding myself with art and creativity and it ROCKS! I have written a little, but as usual, not as much as I should be. Tee, hee.

Now, for reasons that are completely my own and I'm not telling why, I will share some ancient Egyptian poetry:

O my beautiful one,
I wish I were part of your affairs, like a wife.
With your hand in mine
your love would be returned.
I implore my heart:
"If my true love stays away tonight,
I shall be like someone already
in the grave."
Are you not my health and my life?
How joyful is your good health
for the heart that seeks you!

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